The Calendula is up


 While orange is not really my favourite colour, these flowers have turned out to be so unfailing, always growing well and giving back seeds which work every time, that I've been totally won over. I bought a bag of the little curled seeds three years ago, wanting to grow something bright to lure the bees into my greenhouse and over to my chillies. In my little greenhouse, I resented giving mere flowers any growing space at the expense of my precious tomatoes, so I kept them in pots. A chore at watering time but hugely convenient as I came to like them so much, I moved them out to the patio where I could appreciate them more. I've never had to buy any more seeds, as they've happily self sown- treading the fine line between invasive and helpful- or been collected when the heads turn brown and crumbled away into their funny little hooked segments when rubbed.

The seeds on sale here have been very good and you'll never have to buy another pack as they're such fecund little things.

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