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Omm nom nom nom nom nom 

Who doesn't enjoy a post of piggies? These are Berkshires. Black and white and renowned for their flavour, these two are just a few months old but very keen on their grub. 
I'd love to have a pair of pigs someday. Grub and Nosh here are owned by a family friend in Hereford and while they're lovingly tended and turned out into luxury pig-land with lots of room to root and roam, they're destined for the pot. Just as mine will be. 

Dreams of parma hams, black puddings and savoury sausages are never far behind the sight of a well-fed pig, happily smacking his way through what ever treats hes found himself. A happy life and joy-giving food should be a connection we all make when it comes to meat.

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  1. I like to think I could grow my own animals for food but I suspect I would get all sentimental at the vital moment and I'd end up with a menagerie of creatures well past their prime eating age.

    1. Always a risk. There was once a lamb called Oxo which was just so charismatic as a little lamb the only place he went when the time came was a field where he could grow big horns and chase ramblers.

  2. Just found your blog. I am really thinking of getting a couple of pigs, Berkshires too! I hope they might enjoy digging up the ground for an orchard and in return I too dream of home made small goods.

    1. Hi Louise! Very glad you found me. Those potential Berkshire would LOVE digging up literally anything you let them loose on. Excellent idea having the piggies turn over the ground for you. What trees are you considering (fatal words of inquiry from an orchard nerd)?


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