Pickled Eggs


Oh yuck you say, and for now, I might actually be with you.

Last Saturday saw OH and I tucked contentedly into our local pub, befriending other people's dogs and playing darts to made-up rules. At some point someone noticed a large jar resting on the bar and in the spirit of adventure, two of it's occupants were fished out and found themselves being curiously poked and prodded in a bag of crisps. Having faced other notorious English fare (thank you James Herriot, the man who took the mystery out of scary sounding things like 'clotted cream'-delicious actually- and 'black pudding'- also yummy) and loved almost all of it, I tried my first slightly battered pickled egg (pint close to hand in case it all backfired).

Underwhelming is probably the best way to put it. I was braced for deep vinegar impact (think nasal passage burn reminiscent of wasabi or like when you boil vinegar and hastily take off the lid. You have half a second to retreat somewhere safe or you and all your kitchen windows will be streaming) and had prepared myself for overwhelming eggyness. However, despite having been bathed in the murky depths of that jar for goodness knows how long, the taste of crisp crumbs was more the most noticeable taste. 'Huh' we all said and turned back to the darts.

However, I'm not content to let smelly, stinking dogs lie and today I went and added another obscure ingredient to my pantry; pickling vinegar. In hindsight, the vinegar brewers or whatever they are saw me coming, as you can use any vinegar to pickle your eggs, but I got a little carried away and anyway, the jars sold as vinegar especially for pickling happened to be the biggest anyway. Which is great. I might just love pickled eggs and want to make loads, so more left for later.

Recipe to follow.  In the meantime, get some vinegar; malt, cider, white- it dosen't matter though malt vinegar will have the stongest flavour. Also to have on hand are a few teaspoons of sugar, various spices and herbs like dill, cumin, mustard seeds and garlic. Oh, and a jar.

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