Salad Box II


Hey now. Check these guys out! Remember those seeds I sowed just earlier this month?? Well I'm showing my appreciation for all the growing they've done by eating them. Last night I snipped out some of those coriander leaves for a chunky what-needs-to-be-eaten salad, tonight I'm targeting delicate little dill fronds for salmon and pasta primavera.

Contemplating having a winter salad box too, or on the other hand, will it get soggy, frozen and actually not be worth it? Hmmm. This is when I get greedy and start wishing for a conservatory or built in orangery to save walking all of the 550 yards into the walled garden to pick from my winter veg beds. La-zy.
The rest of today's haul: lettuce (2 kinds), spring onions, 'Flamingo' swiss chard and OMG-that's-orange marigolds.

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  1. 550 yards can be a long way when the temperatures below 5 and your half way through cooking dinner....just helping the justification process along...

  2. Over here in Oregon, I allowed two plants from the rainbow chard mesclun mix to survive to adulthood and go to seed, and that provided me with a never-ending bed of beautiful chard. I grew up in California across the street from a lush strip of free Swiss chard downhill from a neighbor's garden. Really, one plant would probably be enough to satisfy the needs of my entire household, since I'm the only one who likes chard. Sad, isn't it?

  3. Very sad. When you visit we shall feast on swiss chard of every colour!


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