A Salad of Carrot Thinnings


Um, well...wishful thinking. I picked four weensy little carrots from mixed sowings made in April and May. Funnily enough, both are about the same size, which is a bit annoying as they're supposed to be successional sowings, keeping me in carrots till I'm sick of 'em, but oh well. These little carrotlets are from my sowings of 'Purple Haze' -which seems to have more of a purple splotch than anything else- and 'Royal Chantenay'. Also in the works are 'Purple Dragon' and 'Danvers 126'.

The swiss chard seems to be loving all the rain and is putting out wonderful, incredibly lush looking leaves, which OH and I will have tonight, briefly steamed and with a mustard dressing. However, as much as I love my beautiful swiss chard, what I'm really looking forward to are these:

Lovely little pak-choi, a red variety which have fantastic acid-green undersides. I'm going to have an uphill battle with the slugs though, as they love pak-choi, even more than I do. Resisting the urge to use slug pellets is pretty hard when you've already faced a devastated row of young lettuce, but I'm doing my dead level best to stick to my guns and see if coffee grounds, egg shells and beer traps can save the day.

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  1. They do look lovely - those pak choi. I too often find that successional sowings work less well in theory than practice. Often the improved conditions mean that the later planted crops catches up with the earlier ones in my experience. And yet I keep trying it...

  2. It does sound pretty solid, sow a bit, crop a bit, sow a bit more...but I'll keep at it because it is actually working alright with the lettuce, I just need to calm down a bit when it comes to amounts. I'm currently up to my eyes in lovely green lettuce, with more peeking up in the next row!


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