What to sow in August


I shudder to think of the number of slugs I've been feeding. Two weeks ago I braved the persistent drizzle, sowed three rows (some of my best work in terms of un-wonkyness) of delicious winter salad leaves, lovingly tucked them under a dark blanket of home-grown compost and then went inside and forgot about them. Then, yesterday -Shock. Horror. at when I went to see how things were progressing, little tub in hand to thin out a few cheeky sprouts for micro greens and not a single little leaflet was to be seen. Silvery slimy slug trails crisscrossed a patch of totally bare earth. I tracked one or two of the little s***s down and toted them across the road to the pheasant pens where several hundred scrappy peeping teenagers raced to gobble them down. Heh heh heh.

So, time to re-sow. With Charles in hand, I'm sowing more winter veg, round II. In some semblance of order, I'll be growing leafy greens in two of the square beds and whatevers left in the space left from lifting potatoes. For the salad beds I'm thinking chicory, coriander, land cress, rocket, endive, lettuce, winter purslane and some excellent rainbow chard.

For the everything else bed:  spring onion, spring cabbage and I'll move my pot-grown cavolo nero and Red Russian kale in to tower over it all.

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  1. I find I have to sow lettuce in punnets and grown it on before planting out otherwise my experience with it mirrors yours. Damn those slimy beasts.


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