Mid-April and the seeds are sprouting!


The seeds! The seeds! Oh joy, the seeds are sprouting!!! Already I'm fantasising of when all chances of flash frosts will be behind us and I can pop them into the ground. Yes, cloches exist. I could make a cold frame out of bits of things I found (to match the raised beds) but until my other half finally puts his foot down, they'll stay inside. Where I can watch them.

 Courgette 'bianca di trieste' and a nameless yellow variety, cabbage 'savoy perfection' and pole bean 'Kentucky wonder wax'. Premier Seeds Direct on Ebay is where I buy most of my seeds. They combine shipping, which for most things is only about .59p, you get loads of seeds in each pack and they've been very good quality so I've been confident enough to swap leftovers or save them for next year.

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