Purple pole beans, round two


Right. In future, I will not use cheap multipurpose compost to start seeds. I know better, I really do. I knew when I (impulsively) bought the bag, I knew it when it optimistically said it was good for 'everything' and I darn well knew it when I opened it and looked at the stuff. Coarse, identifiable bits of material. John Innes would have cried to watch me carefully counting out my bean seeds and lovingly covering them with this masquerading matter. Anyway, most of the seeds sowed did come up, albeit with damaged cotyledons and the occasional mini-mushroom companion. Purple pole beans 'A Cosse Violette' suffered the most, with six out of ten failing to beat the mold gauntlet and collapsing into smelly mush. Everything sowed in the plain ol garden soil has actually done perfectly well. No mold, a few tiny brave weed seedlings but definitely no mushrooms.
Volunteer mushroom growing away quite happily on lame-o compost.

Six more seeds then. Fingers crossed now for a change in the weather and some sun! I'm running out of trays and there are a growing number of things that need potting on.

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