Itty bitty fruit


Early nectarine blossom
I'm perhaps a little unbalanced when it comes to fruit, especially when so much of the store bought stuff is basically expensive mush. This is my first year of potential harvests and, however tiny they may be, I am already twitching with anticipation. I counted five little fruitlets on my dwarf Red Haven nectarine and I'll be closely watching every one.

Yes, there is a touch of peach leaf curl, which I might be taking a little bit personally, having so carefully housed the darn thing under glass all winter and spring. I even (after much deliberation) sprayed with some Bordeaux mixture, trying to root out any little spores that might have tagged along from the nursery but all apparently to no avail. I was so good, and I still got ugly, bumpy red leaves.

The strawberries brought in and forced under glass during early spring are romping away and I’m already fantasying about strawberries and Nutella on toast with a twist of black pepper.

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