Smitten Kitchen Banana Bread


Just a quickie, because you need this in your life, like, now.

I can't claim to be surprised where I found it because this lady's blog is the cause of so much delight (and the downfall of every calorie counting schlog ever attempted) but this recipe is just everything I've ever wanted. Booze, liberal amounts of spices and a tasty way to rid myself of those impressively pungent spotty bananas funking out my kitchen.

It happens every time. We get them, I eat one or two while they're tasty and green, then they start getting spottier and spottier and smellier and smellier. But I can't just throw them away. No, they've usually dropped from whatever hook I've hung them from and splatted on the counter before I'll finally admit defeat and wave my way past the fruit flies to scrape together their remains and chuck them to the chickens.

I'd like to say I was the good sort of girlfriend. The sort who surprises my amazing, super manly, spider squishing, cabinet building other half with a beautiful, unspoiled loaf of lovingly baked bread, but this is not so. Forty-five minutes in the oven had driven out the raw, overripe banana funk and replaced it with heavy drool-inducing fumes, too tempting to be resisted without a third party providing restraint. I did at least use a knife, rather than ripping right into it like when I forget lunch and attack whole loaves of French bread, eating them from the inside out (oh, thats healthy). I didn't eat all of it, but it went faster than the dead camera battery could charge, so apologies for being piggies. I'll be sure to make the full recipe next time so theres a spare loaf for photo shoots.

So anyway, go forth. Collect your spotty bananas and make this, make it now! Bikini season can wait.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog, Chelsea. I like your writing style.



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